The following policies are in place for all weddings at St. Stephen:

Parish musicians should be contacted as soon as the wedding date has been set and before any decisions concerning music are made. Early consultation allows ample preparation time for all concerned. Please contact the music staff and check on their availability, in order to secure their services for your special day.

How to make a booking?

Once you have set the date for your wedding ceremony with the St. Stephen Church office, you may contact the organist, Joseph Kolecki and vocalist, Virginija Bruozis Muliolis to start the music selection process. For contact information, please refer to the

It is recommended that you contact the organist and vocalist no less than three (3) months prior to your wedding date.

Once your date is confirmed with the music staff, bookings will be held for ten (10) days while we await your deposit of one-half of the full fee (see below). Alternately, you may pay the full amount. In any case, full payment is expected no later than 30 days in advance of the wedding date.

Payment for St. Stephen staff musicians is made directly to them, at a rate of $200 for the organist, and $200 for the cantor/vocalist. The checks may be made individually to organist and vocalist, and sent to St. Stephen’s Parish office.

Please be aware that if contact is made less than three months prior to the wedding, musical staff’s participation cannot be guaranteed.

In the event that the organist or vocalist are not available for your date, recommendations will be made for capable substitutes.

In case of cancellation, 50% of the total will be refunded.

How do we choose musical selections for our Wedding Mass?

To assist in making musical selections for your wedding, see:

You are encouraged to select from this list, though you are not limited to the music listed here; other SACRED songs that you’ve heard in church might also be appropriate for your wedding. You are very welcome to make suggestions and request other music, and is pending approval by the organist.

Favorite ballads that mention love do not necessarily speak of the mystery of Divine love. Therefore, romantic popular songs, though they may inspire religious sentiment, are not necessarily appropriate for the Sacrament of Marriage. Obviously, it is impossible to list all of the music that might be appropriate for your wedding ceremony- however- your ideas and suggestions are welcomed. The organist will have final say as to the appropriateness of all music included in the wedding ceremony.

St. Stephen’s staff organists play at all weddings. A St. Stephen’s staff singer will be assigned as the cantor/vocalist.
Music is performed by live musicians at your wedding; CD tracks or recordings are not permitted to be played during a wedding ceremony.

Should you wish to use other musicians to further enhance your wedding ceremony (e.g.- trumpet, violin, etc…)- with advance notice, our organist is able to recommend additional instrumentalists. Involvement of any other additional instrumentalists must be approved by the organist. Payment for extra instrumentalists is made according to independent arrangements made with them- they contract with you.

On occasion, couples request to have friends, relatives, or family members, sing during their wedding. Again, the organist must approve all music and musicians chosen for the ceremony, and that the services of the cantor is still required and should be compensated.

If you are bringing in a musician of your own choosing, please be aware that they should be capable of obtaining and learning the chosen music on their own.

All musical rehearsals will be scheduled on the day of the wedding – usually an hour or so before the ceremony, not at the rehearsal the evening prior. If any additional rehearsals are required, they will incur a fee, to be determined at the discretion of the organist.

Will your wedding be a Nuptial Mass, with communion, or A Liturgy of the Word Ceremony, without communion?

This detail will be discussed with the Priest- and he will be able to guide you on which form of wedding ceremony is appropriate and applicable to your situation.